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Taylor Homes advertises a lot, just not in the way you might think. We don’t put our name in the paper or on bill boards much. Instead, since 1958 we have advertised every time we built a home. That’s right we adhere to the philosophy that our customers will tell our story for us.

When someone loves their home, they talk about it to their friends. Friends will recommend to friends and neighbors to neighbors and business folk to business folk. And so the wheel of commerce turns whether we pay for fancy advertising on the radio or slick photographed brochures.

Who would believe us anyway if we advertised that we’ve built seven homes for one customer. What?! You read that right. Here’s the story of Jack and Dean Wheeler.


Most folk would want to confirm that by going straight to the horses mouth or at least a man who once built and sold horse trailers. Jack Wheeler started out as a welder at Reda Pump in Bartlesville, OK. Through his skill in welding, he learned how to fabricate horse trailers and that’s how Jack made a living for many years. Jack is a stickler for details, he’s demanding, expects a lot from those he hires and wants the best price he can get…all traits you learn around horse traders. Jack and his wife, Dean Wheeler, live in a THG home on Highway 99 near Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It’s their seventh Taylor home.  We hear they’ve referred a few customers to us while living in seven custom built THG homes over the past forty years.

We built Jack and Dean Wheeler’s first home west of Pawhuska in 1973 for $24,000. Their second home was in the Timber Hill area west of Pawhuska. Their third near the old drive in theater and fairgrounds in Pawhuska. Their fourth on the crest of a hill east of Pawhuska overlooking the Osage hills. The fifth home… Willow Creek in Bartlesville, OK. Then they purchased twenty acres and we built the sixth home north of Dewey, Oklahoma. Yearning to return to their roots, we built their seventh home, a classic three bedroom Taylor plan, on acreage near Pawhuska in 2007 where they currently reside.

Jack and Dean have entrusted their seven homes from 1973-2007 to our homebuilding group. Jack says he was originally referred to us by a car dealer named Doc Brown. After that, I guess the Wheeler’s just came back on their own…self-referred as it were.

Jack and Dean are retired and living a quiet pastoral life in home #7. Give a wave sometime if you are traveling on highway 99. Their house is just off the highway to the east next to a metal shop in which Jack still likes to tinker, sometimes getting out the Lincoln arc welder and making sure the gooseneck on the trailer is stout…because that’s how Jack likes things built. They seem content and settled in their Taylor home which is appropriate, because after all, seven is their lucky number.

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