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Homeowner Orientation

Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its many features.


We schedule the orientation with you as your home nears completion. We meet at your new home. The orientation occurs just before closing.

Orientation Forms

We have included copies of the forms we use at the orientation at the end of this section. In addition, the suggestions that follow will help you derive the greatest benefit from your orientation.


If you have questions about home maintenance or the limited warranty coverage, make note of them to bring up at the orientation. If you have not already done so, please read Caring for Your Home, Section 8 of this manual, before the orientation.

If a real estate agent has helped you with your purchase, he or she is not required to attend. If you would like to have a friend or real estate agent view the home with you, we encourage you to do this before our scheduled orientation.


In addition to introducing you to your new home, the orientation is also an opportunity for you and Taylor Homes to confirm that the home meets the quality standards shown in our model homes and that we have completed all selections and changes. We note details that need attention on  the orientation forms.

Cosmetic surface damage caused during construction is readily noticeable during the orientation. Such damage can also occur during the move-in process or through daily activities. Therefore, after we correct any items noted during the orientation, repair of cosmetic surface damage is your responsibility. This includes paint touch-up. Our limited warranty excludes cosmetic damage to items such as:

     ►     Sinks, tubs, and plumbing fixtures

     ►     Countertops and cabinet doors

     ►     Light fixtures, mirrors, and glass

     ►     Windows and screens

     ►     Tile, carpet, hardwood, and resilient flooring

     ►     Doors, trim, and hardware

     ►     Paint and drywall

     ►     Finish on appliances

Completion of Items

Taylor Homes takes responsibility for resolving any items noted. We will complete most items before your move-in. If work needs to be performed in your new home after your move-in,  construction personnel are available for appointments Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Under normal circumstances, you can expect us to resolve all items within 15 working days. We will inform you of any delays caused by back-ordered materials. 

Future Service

Taylor Homes responds to warranty items according to the terms and conditions of the limited warranty agreement. For more details, review Section 8, Caring for Your Home.

Homeowner Orientation (page 1 of 2)



New Residence Phone                                                     Date_____________________________    

Inspection Items:                                                                                                   Complete  



We have corrected or resolved the items listed above. Please submit future claims in writing to Taylor Homes according to the terms of the limited warranty.  

                                                                                            , Homeowner                       Date  

                                                                                            ,Taylor Homes                     Date

Homeowner Orientation (page 2 of 2)

Please read carefully.  Your signature below acknowledges the following:

(1) your understanding and acceptance of the policies highlighted here and detailed in your homeowner’s manual;

(2) that you have inspected your new home and listed defects for correction by Taylor Homes; and 

(3) you have received copies of both pages of this form.


Timing. Taylor Homes is responsible for resolving items noted. We will correct many of these items immediately. However, some of the corrections may require the services of a trade contractor or we may need to order parts or materials. You should expect completion of these items within 15 business days of closing unless we inform you of other scheduling.


Cosmetic Items. Taylor Homes corrects readily noticeable cosmetic defects listed during this inspection. This is your only opportunity to obtain service on such items. Repair of subsequent cosmetic damages (such as chips, dents, scratches) are your responsibility. Therefore, take careful note of such items as:

     ►     Sinks, tubs, and plumbing fixtures

     ►     Countertops and cabinet doors

     ►     Light fixtures, mirrors, and glass

     ►     Windows and screens

     ►     Tile, carpet, hardwood, and resilient flooring

     ►     Doors, trim, and hardware

     ►     Paint and drywall

     ►    Finish on appliances

Defects in items such as these are readily detectable during the orientation. These items are also most likely to be damaged during the move-in process. As a result, later warranty claims on cosmetic damages to these items are not accepted.


Warranty Service. Submit any new items for which you wish to request service in writing to Taylor Homes approximately 60 days after closing. We accept reports of emergency items by phone.

_______________________________________         ______________________                                           

Purchaser                                                                          Date

_______________________________________         _______________________                                           

Purchaser                                                                          Date


_______________________________________         _______________________                                           

Taylor Homes                                                                   Date

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